Last word Of Mother To Children Before She Died

As the second child in a family of three, she was closest to her mother as she breathed her last. “Our older sister is married, and our younger brother was too young to understand that we will soon be orphans,” she says. His mother’s last words to him before her death were, “I bless you.

I will look out for you.” Work hard in your studies. It’s the only hope you have.” He added, “I’m not leaving you money for tuition, or even a house to call your own, but in God’s hands I leave you.” “You will become a doctor.” And he died in August 2021, leaving behind his two sons of mercy. He delighted the mourners with his honor.

“My mother was alone… evangelist and gospel artist who taught me the secret of life. He went to rest with the Lord. “We stayed here crying and cursing,” she began. After the funeral, it was decided how the children should be separated.

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