Revealed Why Gloria Muliro Has Taken Break From Music

Gloria Muliro’s whereabouts were revealed by gospel singer Bernice Mugo, aka Lady Bee, who was responding to criticism from Eric Omondi. 
Eric has criticized Gloria Muliro, Eunice Njeri, and other gospel artists for remaining silent and not releasing new songs. 
Responding to criticism from Eric when speaking to vloggers at the Ilagos wa Ilagosa memorial service, Lady Bee said some gospel singers need to take time off from their music careers to look after their families, stressing that the family comes first. 
He added that musicians like Gloria Muliro and Eunice Njeri, who were impressed by Eric Omondi, are now married and focusing on their families. 
Lady Bee added that Gloria Muliro is now a mother.
“Hao waschana wametajwatajwa pale hao ni magwiji.” Ni watu wako na familia, Gloria amepata mtoto kina Eunice ni watu wako na familia sahi. Utasema hawajaimba?  “Hizo mamziki zao zote zinaimba mbaka leo unataka kuniambia?” Lady Bee said

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