Mombasa Governor Nassir To President Ruto

Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Nassir condemned the delay in paying the county’s income supplement, which hampered the delivery of the service.

The governor said Mombasa was being persecuted because its leaders were allies of the Orange Democratic Party (ODM). Nassir says all other districts had their share but Mombasa was left out.

“Leadership is not about persecution, leadership is about solving people’s problems. We have to say that national government should not be at the forefront of killing decentralization, going four months without money is not easy and we cannot allow that to happen – Nasir said.

Nassir said, Mombasa has been struggling to perform some of its functions due to delays in transferring funds over the past four months.He asked people, including leaders, to stick together and focus on development.

“We say we will develop even if they deny us money, even if the leadership in Mombasa is ODM, it doesn’t mean we are inferior people. We must stand up for the rights of our people because the money has been delayed.” Nassir expressed his determination to give the people of Mombasa their fair share of the district’s funds, even if the government refuses them.

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