Vera Sidika’s Jaw-Dropping Revelation: Two Househelps Raking in a Whopping 50K Salary!”

In a surprising revelation, popular socialite and beauty entrepreneur Vera Sidika took to her Instagram to share some intriguing details about her nannies and the qualifications she seeks in them. As the proud mother of her daughter, Asia Brown, who was born in October 2021, Vera emphasized the importance of finding the perfect nanny for her precious child.

One of the first criteria Vera mentioned was that her nannies should not be active on social media platforms. She explained, “So y’all busy sending me DMs asking to be my nannies failed a long time ago. The nannies I prefer are nowhere close to the socials.” This requirement reflects Vera’s desire for privacy and discretion when it comes to her daughter’s care.

Furthermore, Vera expressed a preference for nannies who are over 40 years old. According to her, they are the best caregivers, as she believes that younger nannies are more prone to making mistakes. “These 20-something-year-olds ain’t my style. The probability of many things going wrong is very high,” she stated. By selecting older nannies, Vera hopes to ensure the highest level of competence and experience in the care of her child.

Vera’s meticulousness in choosing her daughter’s nanny is not surprising, considering her initial plan to give birth in the USA. She revealed that she had contemplated traveling for the delivery due to her valid visa and concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic. However, ultimately, she decided against it, realizing that being away from her family and friends for an extended period during her pregnancy would be challenging.

Vera’s Instagram post sparked a flurry of reactions from her followers, with many praising her commitment to finding the best nanny for her daughter. Some commended her for prioritizing experience and maturity, while others shared their own experiences and opinions on the matter.

As Vera continues her quest for the perfect nanny, the spotlight remains on her adorable daughter, Asia Brown. Fans eagerly await updates on her growth and development, as well as Vera’s future posts about her parenting journey. With her meticulous approach and unwavering dedication to her child’s well-being, there’s no doubt that Vera Sidika will continue to make headlines with her unique perspectives on motherhood and her glamorous lifest

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