Omosh Halikuwa hananikulia Chakula yangu, Akothee Narrates after Break

Akothee, the Kenyan singer and entrepreneur, seems to have found her groove and is relishing life after a public breakup. In a recent interview, she exclaimed, “Nimelala kama mtoto na Nakula sana,” which translates to “I’m sleeping like a baby and eating a lot.” This candid revelation sheds light on her newfound happiness and contentment.

Akothee’s journey to self-discovery and emotional healing after the breakup has been inspiring. She has been focusing on self-care, indulging in her favorite foods, and cherishing the simple joys of life. Her fans have witnessed her transformation into a more vibrant and carefree version of herself.

Interestingly, Akothee isn’t the only public figure in Kenya to openly discuss their relationship with food. Omosh, a popular actor, also made headlines in the past for his love of food. Food can be a source of comfort and pleasure, and both Akothee and Omosh’s stories serve as a reminder that finding solace in life’s simple pleasures can be a powerful way to heal and move forward.

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