List Of Popular Celebrities Visited Heaven Bahati Birthday

Just a few days ago, the Bahatis threw a big party for their daughter, Heaven. The little girl turned five and threw a princess birthday party organized solely to welcome her to five years of growth and development. Sky appears as Diana’s first biological daughter, so she has every chance of getting more love from her parents. Celebrities turned up at this event to celebrate with the Bahati people.

Diana Marua took to her Instagram page today to share some sweet photos of celebs who showed up at the event. This was the only invitation, and those in attendance included the Wajesus family, Terence and his wife Milly Chebi, Jackie Matubia, Mitch and her husband Ian, and many other celebrities.

Diana Marua was also happy and showed the decorations that should make the event more attractive. There were elegant tables and seats and a very attractive tent decorated with pink balloons.

There was also a poster that said “Welcome to Heaven on Your Birthday.” The way the Baha’is set the standard for celebrating their birthdays shows how much they value their children.

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