Bahati Revealed How He Lost Millions Of Money Within Ten Days

The Bahati musician (born Kevin Kioko) regrets missing the Netflix reality show Young, Famous, and African. The singer says he was due to appear in the second season of the reality show but couldn’t due to political commitments. , , 

 Bahati contested a seat in the Mathare Parliament in the August 2022 general election but fell far behind. The singer said the choice coincided with the filming of Young, Famous, and African. “I should have been in season 2 of Young, Famous and AFamous,. “We went through the race and everything.” They wanted me to shoot between July and August. “It’s an election campaign,” he said.

Bahati said appearing on Netflix was one of the things he missed due to politics. “That was one of the things I missed.” God’s timing is best. her to resign. I told them to let me resign during the campaign season. “I have left many customers.” I can thank the fans and God for making my number so big after politics. “I got a lot of attention.”

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