Story Of Wallah Bin Wallah

Story of Wallah bin wallah . After I passed the seventh grade exam, I could not go to secondary school due to a lack of classes. “Church missionaries took me in in 1972 and enrolled me in a seminary in Nyegezi for a year and a half,” he previously told Nation. 
However, he had to drop out of school after becoming a Muslim and could not be supported by Christian missionaries. 
He spent time selling fish between Mwanza and Kisumu before the Muslim Youth League sponsored him to attend high school in Nairobi. 
After enrolling at Ravals High School in Nairobi, Wallah struggled to meet tuition after donors could not support him past Form 2, prompting him to resume activities.
“I started selling peanuts and vegetables on the street. I got up at 3 a.m., went to Marikiti, bought vegetables, kept them at home, and then ran to school. After school, I packed and sold vegetables. Another time I was selling peanuts at the train station.
Wallah developed a passion for Swahili and was able to complete the fourth grade fluently in the language. He was hired as a Swahili teacher. 
“They told me to start teaching immediately.” The salary was 300 Ksh per month. It was very

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