Very Sad: Bandits Kills Five KDF Officers

The attacks came during an army-backed security operation when Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) shelled bandit hideouts in the Tandare Hills on the Baringo-Laikipia border. 
Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki’s announcement on Wednesday of the second phase of the security operation did not appear to discourage the gunmen. 
On Thursday, security officials began bombing areas believed to be crime scenes and believed to be home to skilled thieves, and residents expressed concern that marauding targets continued to haunt the region. 
Mr. Thomas Kiburet, the father of fifth-grader Obadiah Makilap, who survived yesterday’s attack with three bullets in his legs and arms, called on the government to step up its game. Were they used here? “Bandits are everywhere, and we wonder what CS Inside means when they say all porous areas have been sealed off,” said the confused father. 
 Mr. Kiburet said  residents felt betrayed by the government administration over the threat of banditry.

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