Good News For Kenyans As The Following Details Are Revealed

Tea farmers earn more by exporting tea to Pakistan, Kenya’s main export. 
This came after the Pakistani government classified tea as a major import product. The move will also boost Kenya’s tea industry’s export earnings after the Bank of Pakistan approved the use of the US dollar as the industry’s transaction currency. 
Kenya exports fifty percent of its tea to Pakistan, making that the country’s largest market for its main export. 
Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture and Livestock Mithika Linturi welcomed the new decision, describing it as a huge boost for the local economy and tea farmers.
“I am pleased to report that our recent trip to Islamabad paid for itself in just three weeks. “I would like to thank the Pakistani government for responding to our inquiries during the trip,” Linturi said. 
Linturi recently led a Kenyan delegation that included Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) officials to Pakistan, where they requested that tea be classified as an international emergency aid.
Chaudhary Tariq Bashir Cheema, Federal Minister for Food Security and Research, pledged during a trip to Pakistan to boost bilateral trade between Kenya and Pakistan by removing trade barriers to the tea trade. The new policy of the Pakistani government

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