Rigathi Gachagua Message To CBD Traders

Kenyans should treat these protest calls with contempt and go about their business as usual; Security agencies will provide protection to ensure that hardworking and peaceful Kenyans are not disturbed and distracted.

“It is highly unpatriotic, irresponsible and unethical for a leader to call for protests while the government is working hard to stabilize the economy”; read an excerpt.

He also said that the government is trying to reassure investors that Kenya is a peaceful country. As a result, any trouble caused will be addressed with the full vigor of the deceased.

On the other hand, police sources said that a number of different elite units were reportedly dispatched to the protests, including the General Duty Police Unit (GSU).

It was pointed out that the police were also using intelligence reports to outline areas where violence could occur in order to stop the plans.

The security of the main roads leading to important institutions will also be improved, with reports saying that the roads leading to the House of Representatives will be manned by a police contingent, including checkpoints.

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