Jalangoo Predict His Future Life In Politics

“…I went to Ruto to learn how to win elections because Ruto has never had an election since he entered politics. I went to see how well (Ruto) was doing, whether it was through theft or other means,” he said.

According to Jalang;o, he is confident that after mastering the skill, he will be the first person from the Luo community to become President.

“I tell you that I have acquired these skills and I know that I will be the first person in the Luo community to become President. You will remember the statement I gave you today when the Gem constituency boy was elected President:

Jalang’o was in the eye of the storm after being among 9 ODM MPs who said they would not take part in Monday’s protests.

Raila called on his supporters to take to the streets on Monday to protest President Ruto’s rule.But at a press conference at Parliament House on Friday, seven ODM lawmakers said the time was right for a national economic dialogue to find solutions to the country’s shared economic challenges.

“Our political competition should take place at the level of competing economic ideas. We therefore encourage all Kenyans wishing to take part in the protests planned for next week to do so peacefully and in a manner that enhances democratic governance and does not encourage lawlessness and violations of law and order. »

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