Wamwala: Our Supporters will Visit State 20th

On Monday March 20th there will be a mass action that we have called for February 22nd. We want to assure the Kenyans that our march will be peaceful. It is a march for speechless and suffering Kenyans who have been promised food prices will fall in 100 days.

Article 37 of our Constitution allows us to talk about peaceful protests like this.

We will not be armed, we will not harm anyone, but we will fight for issues that affect every Kenyan’s life.

We have made it clear to the Kwanza regime in Kenya that there are three things we would like to address: the issue of the high cost of living, ending the IEBC’s one-way recruitment process for commissioners, and opening up the server for the presidential elections in the Year 2022, but our demands were not met, hence the mass protests.

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