Justina Syoka Reveal One Mistake Caused Her Not To Be Ringtone Apoko’s Wife

Justina Syokau Sets the Record Straight: Ringtone Made the First Move, But Love Takes an Unexpected TurnIn the unpredictable world of celebrity relationships, gospel artist Justina Syokau recently took to the public domain to clarify the dynamics of her rumored involvement with the self-proclaimed chair of gospel music, Ringtone, whose real name is Alex Apoko.

Contrary to previous assumptions, Syokau claims that it was Ringtone who initiated their connection after noticing her gaining traction in the media.

According to Syokau, as they entered the year 2022, Ringtone took notice of her trending presence and decided to make his feelings public through various blogs.

Allegedly, he requested bloggers to spread the message that he loved Justina Syokau. However, when Syokau reciprocated and publicly acknowledged their connection, Ringtone seemingly retreated from the spotlight.“Ringtone, I didn’t pursue him.

In 2022, he saw that I was trending and asked bloggers to write about us. Tell Justina I love her.

But when I came out and said yes in public, it seemed like he pulled away. Ringtone is clever. Ringtone, tell Kenyans the truth; we are in love, we were together.

Why be shy in public?” Syokau questioned.Despite the initial excitement surrounding their alleged romance, Syokau revealed that she has lost interest in Ringtone, citing a newfound connection with a billionaire.

The gospel singer, who was initially drawn to Ringtone’s assets such as his Runda house, cars, and physique, now declares that her priorities have shifted towards financial stability.“

I used to love Ringtone because of his Runda house, cars, and his body.

People say, a good body, for a balloon is a needle that’s why I wanted him, but right now I don’t want a needle, I want money.

I wanted a man aged 25 years old and I have found him,” she stated.

This revelation comes after Syokau made headlines last year by openly declaring her love for Ringtone and expressing her desire for him to marry her.

However, Ringtone publicly turned down her advances, setting the stage for a series of twists and turns in their alleged romantic journey.

Despite the recent declaration of disinterest in Ringtone, Justina Syokau continues to keep the public intrigued, hinting that she hasn’t entirely given up on the idea of marrying Ringtone and suggesting that their union might still happen before the year comes to a close.

As the drama unfolds, fans are left to wonder whether this unexpected love story will take yet another surprising turn in the near future.

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