What Next For Ex-Ruto Bodyguard After Losing Her Top State House Job?

While much of her work was carried out alongside her boss, Colonel Fabian Lengusuranga, she occasionally appeared in public engagements, seated behind President Ruto.However, recent developments saw Lt. Colonel Agnetta replaced by Lt. Colonel Juliana Osweto from the Kenya Navy, signaling the end of her tenure as the President’s deputy ADC.

This transition coincided with the nation mourning the loss of Chief of Defence Forces General Francis Ogolla in a tragic helicopter crash.Now faced with a change in roles, the question arises: what lies ahead for Lt. Colonel Agnetta?Following the footsteps of her predecessor, Colonel Nduta Kamui, who was reassigned to Defence headquarters after leaving the ADC role, Lt. Colonel Agnetta’s future within the Kenya Defence Forces remains uncertain.

Will she follow a similar path, or does a new opportunity await her?As she navigates this transition, Lt. Colonel Agnetta’s extensive military background positions her well for potential leadership roles within the armed forces.Her experience and dedication make her a valuable asset, capable of contributing to various areas within the military hierarchy.

Whether she continues her service in a new capacity or pursues opportunities beyond the military, Lt. Colonel Agnetta’s professionalism and resilience will undoubtedly guide her toward success in her future endeavors.As she embarks on this new chapter, the nation watches with anticipation, recognizing her contributions and wishing her well in her future pursuits. Lt. Colonel Damaris Agnetta’s journey serves as a testament to the strength and determination of women in the military, inspiring generations to come.

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