How NTSA Are Seriously Making Patrols In Salama

Very sad evening as busy ferrying passangers mashed to fell down on River in salama town . It was said that the drivers was fearing Tobe arrested by NTSA officers a long Mombasa road that is when the driver managed to fall down and the bus full of the passangers managed to fall down. No person died in the incident and the driver was arrested and taken to the police station in salama .

The victims were taken to the hospital in Suiltan hamud where they are taking medication. The few passangers escaped without being hurted during the incident. The incident has left Incidents and Kenyans wondering what caused the accident . The residents they were shocked whan they learned that the accident happened in the region. More drivers they have been asked to remaining following roads rules.

The driver was trying to escape from being arrested by NTSa officers who had stationed a long Mombasa road at salama. The war escalated which forced the driver to escape together with passangers to avoid being arrested and taken to the police station in Salama. The driver and the Ntsa started chasing Gama of up and down until the driver was arrested after causing the serious Accident he wasThe accident has been accerated by the very rainy season in salama region where the Accident happened.

Road accident has been accused many Incidents such as rainy season. Rainy season has caused a lot damages to the road and caused many driver s to lose control and fell on the ground. Many Kenyans they have lost their life via many Incidents of road accident which has been Caused by heavy rain . Many road has been damaged and rushed to the hospital. Many kenyans they have been wondering.

Kenyans roads are mudy and the government has failed to put more murram and tarmack the roads to reduce the rate of the accident which has been happening in the recent days.Another factor which has been leading to decreased rate if the . Many driver’s they have been taking drugs and they come to drive while they are drunk and they cause the accident because they are driving while they are drunk and they can’t handle them serious.

The government has out more effort to reduce the rate of Accident in many road activity. The incident has lead to increased to high rate of the incident. The matter is being sorted out to find more ways of sorting out the matter and find more solutions to get out the matter being sorted out. The incident is being investigated more seriously by the government to find more ways on how to find out to solve out the matter.Many driver’s they failed to obey traffic rules in the society.

Many driver’s they ha e been overtaking others driver’s badly and they have lead to increased in the accident in our roads. The matter is being looked at to find more ways of getting correct data from the affected driver’s. The drivers they have given up on the some of the rough drivers in the road who have been pushing them to the corner of the road leading to accident in the region. The accident are being looked at the different angles to try to find more solutions to the affected families.

The affected families they are begging for help to treat their loved ones. The loved ones they are suffering to raise the bill of the affected families who are currently in the hospital taking medication. The event has has raised more concerned about the matter being in the event. The event more concerns about the matter. Drivers are advised to stop breaking up the traffic rules in many raods Accident . The accident has more impacts to the life of the young men who are suffering to bring up the matter is being looked at. Many drivers they have been having diffuilt moments to deal with the NTSA officers and they have planned to avoid moving their vehicles from the station the station they are working at. Many drivers they are begging the government to help them get the required documents to avoiding being harassed by the NTSA officers in out roads. The government is set to find out the difference where has taken place and the matter is likely to be vied out.

Mother Narrates How Son Passed Away In Ten Minutes While In Nairobi

Suspected Robber Shot Dead After Car Got Stuck In Mud During High-Speed Chase In Mwihoko . very sad morning as mother receive news if death his son who was shot dead by police while in Kiambu County . The incident started when the police offic6 orders the young men to stop the vehicles and they failed to listen to the rules the got from the incident.

Many incident of shooting has been taking placing in the city The three young men failed to listed to what the police officers they were saying and they stated to run and the police officers they managed to chase them . The incident has raised more questions than answers . The young men the trued to run an then the car was stuck in the mud before the police taking 5life if the young man instantly before other two men escaped the incident. The incident has raised more questions than answers.

The matter has been reported to the police station and the body has been taken to the mortury waiting for postmortem to reveal the main cause if his death. the young men they have been cause if taking it things within6 Nairobi an they have been parcipating in many activities in the city and they have been stelain6 from inoccents Kenyans . The matter is being looked at and will find more news to report about the matter of what happened leadin6to death of the young incoccent men.

youn6 men they have been dying now and then and more questions they have been asked about the matter and more reports they have shown how the matter is being taking placing. The body has been taken to the city mortuary wiatinng for the postmown6 which revealed what caused their death. The incident has lead to rapidly increase of the matter which has been taking placing in the matter. Everything is being looked at and everything will show how kenyans the have reacted to the matter .

This comes fews days after the incident hapo6 where the young man was found dead and after being shot deavby the police officers after smashing handsbahg belongs to the young lady in the town and they rushed using motorbike and everything has been brought to books. The matterThe young men they have been parcipating in the criminal activity and they have beens using oth5 men to have criminal activity taking place. Police the they have been warnin6 them about the matter and they later Murdered them if they fail to listen to the matter .

Mob justice they have been taking placing and more victims they have been arrested and bei detain8mote oeruos5of time and other they have been pushing to stay in the upcountry where more residents stay their. police officers they av been doing great job abvtbey have been trying to solve out the issues if the peac58n the country.

The mother cride while narratin6 how she tried to warn his son about the matter and they all found the matter . The moth6 painted and was rushed to the hospital to recover about narrating the story. the matter has been serious and kenyans they have been having bad nights due to the matter in which they are saving from.

Mother narrated how she lost his only son who was involved in very fatal trajjic with police officer and they shot him dead on the spot before escaping. His toe freinds managed to escape the incident and they cheated death with a whisper. The young men they are being searched by the police officers vyi hi out more details of what happened during the incident. The matter has been too rough to handle.

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