General Ogolla Involved In Plane Crush , Confirmed Dead

Very sad morning for Kenyans they learn the death of the famous KDF officers who served the country while from being young man up to being the old man.

The man dies while he was 61 years old. his father had 100 years and was expected to celebrate father birth before his fainful death death which he incurred when the plane was involved in the very fatal accident which happened yesterday in the evening. many Kenyans narrates how the KDF officers helped the residents of the Kenya d to leave in the pieces and lived with hermony.

Ogolla worked together with president Uhuru Kenyatta before 2022 general election which was held and the Raila Odinga won the election leaving Raila Odinga with less than 200k votes. Both they had very diffuilt moments and they very strict stand on the election results. Williams Ruto won the election and was announced the winner of the Kenya. Kenya has been having very strong peace since the two leaders come together and the brought the matter out which were affecting the the country and which lead to the country coming together and having common goals which is likely to direct the country the Way forward and bring back the matter to the the national government.

The government which is planning to have more efforts to put more efforts to settle out the country and come up with more ideas on how to solve out the matters if the country. The country regained normal pecea which tbe country enjoyed before the general election. The general election has.

The general has been serving the country well and many stories they have been put across the matter which happened this week around 2.00 pm in the evening. The matter was very light for the family until the brought up the matter to public.

The general has been serving in the KDF as officers for at least 20 year and he was very bright man who loved peace for the country. The country has been rough after his death. Ogolla was appointed by president Ruto as New CDF officers and all matter he haled with a lot care and love for the country.

The family narrated how the general loved the president Ruto for the last one year the have been having working together for the last period of the time. The president attended the burial of the Ogalla who was laid to the rest on yesterday in Siaya country. The family has been serving and working closely with the general son who seem to be very dermined son who loved the Peace of the country. The young man was to continue with the story of his father who worked very closely with the State.

The State has been working in good condition with the general Ogolla before his death. The head of the state William Ruto managed to state out the death of the General Ogolla. Ogolla has been working closely with the head of the State former Uhuru Kenyatta and they are working closely to find out what killed the general.

The report is expected to be given out in the upcoming few week’s which is likely to be given out in the matter of the time. Siaya senator managed to tell the young man of the Ogolla to listen what the leaders from the region they are saying about the leaders who have been died under very tight situation which has been raising many questions in many parts of the country.

Yesterday all residents in the Nyanya region they waited for the general body to be buried and being ferried a long the road to see the body if the general who died in very sad conditions by the accident. The matter which is being locked at is going to reveal to the public what killed the the young man general Ogolla. Ogolla was very peaceful Man and loving man. He used to love for his family and he showed a lot loved. Ogolla married a Meru lady and both the had two children one boy and young man. Both they were very silent and they listened to what people said about the death of the Ogolla.

Leaders from all region attended the event and the head if state attended the event. The death of Ogolla raised the question on the death of leader’s from the Nyanya region who have been having bad days in the office trying to solve out the matters which going to keep Kenyans on peace.

The Head of the state together with his family attended the burial and Charline Ruto attended the meeting. The first daughter of the head if the State had promised to go and have little talk with Irene the wife of the Ogolla the departed soul.The Head of the state is set to give out the family members some jobs in the government.The roles has not he given out by the government is set to give out to it’s citizens in the upcoming few weeks and Kenyans will know what happened to the incident.

Many leader’s from the lake region they have have been passing away while in the government job and they wanted to search and get to know what has been causing their death. Ogolla ordered his body to be buried with less than 73 hours and he should be buried without casket. The casket which was used to Carry the body was removed and taken away by the KDF and that what Ogolla wanted for his body to being Carried out and tested for that matter.

The matter which is being looked at is likely to sort out the matter and everything is going to be okay and better in the future. Raila Odinga failed to attend the burial which was Carried out on yesterday at Siaya county. Oburu represented the family in the funeral which was Carried out yesterday. Rest in peace general Ogolla. The plane is accused of had some issues and the plane crushed all the way .

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