How President Ruto Is Planning To Visit Zimbabwe

President Ruto set to fly out to Zimbabwe this week for a state visit. President Is expected to visit Zimbabwe and he is expected to meet with popular leader’s from that country. The country currently is planning for the visit of the president Ruto which is expected to take place in the upcoming few days. The head if the state has been traveling many countries in many parts of the country and is currently traveling to another country trying to solve out the matter.

The head of the state is we will travel with other leaders from kenya to another countries. The head of the state has been mourning the death of the CDF general Ogolla who was involved in very nasty Plane crash which happened last few weeks and Ogolla died together with other officers for KDF. Ogolla was going to inspect some projects in Northern part and was having diffuilt while moving before landing and the very nasty accident which claimed more at least ten people in the region.

Those involved in the accident died on the spot expect only one person who survived the accident. The accident was very fatal and caused a lot damage in the region where the accident occurred in the Pokot area. The head of the state together with hustler voice has been trying to improve the living standard for the Kenyan who are poorly and use bottom up models. Kenyans are complaining that the model is making many Kenyans living in hard situations and they are hoping everything is will be sorted and Kenyans are going to leave in peace without being pushed up and down trying to search the service they are finding to be more diffuilt.

Kenyans are have been having diffuilt moment trying to solve out the matter of the dollar which has been raising up and each day and Kenyans shillings loosing value each and every day. The government had promised to work on the dollar to make it to be retaining at around 115 bob but finally the incident has left residents at very high conditions and they are searching other Beans to but the good using dollars and avoid using money they have been saving in international countries.

Kenyans they have very hard time and the head if the state has promised to work out the matter which affecting them and all is going to well in the future. The head if the state together with the CS he has elected to work together with him and all matters is being addressed and the matter is being addressed up. Kenyans despite passing many matters and is going to have the being sorted out. The head if the state has been pausing residents and other Kenyans to work for the country and the country is likely to do well in the future and be prosperous.

The head of state is expected to find more goods for the country. The head of the state has been finding jos for the Kenyans living outside the country .Good news to Kenyans as the doctors are like to end the strike which today has passed more than 41 days after they started the strike. The strike has left many Kenyans dead and they have been taken to hospital and they have lacked someone to help them to get the medication because the doctor are away and the government is asking doctors to come back to the work.

Today they had managed to hold meeting and the have failed to agreed on how to handle the meeting and both the doctors and the government failed to move up in the move up in the way forward. The doctor have been having hard time and they are very hard on the matter and they don’t want to listen to the matter. Doctors are been having very diffuilt moments. Doctors they have been having diffuilt moment and the have been moving in the streets looking for the help and the government is planning on how to settle The matters.

The government had said the have around 70 k per month for the doctors and the have failed to listen the government. The doctors want to be given more than 206k per month. The government is making allegations that they have few financial to support them and instead the doctors they need to listen to the matter how is going and finally to try to sort out the matter. Kenyans are happy because they strike is likely to end despite having been passing more than 40 days without being given by the doctors.

The Government has managed to Carry out the matter and all is going to given out.Doctors they have been very useless in the society and they provide very good service to the society. Doctors they have been attending victims of the matter. Kenyans is has more than 5k doctors and they have gone to the strike and the have been gib the the government sleepless nights and the government is planning to end the strike. Today Moses kuria, CS for Health and other leaders from mount Kenya region they attended the meeting and they failed to come out with the reasonable income for the Kenyans. Kenyans they have been having diffuilt moments and they likely to sort out the matter peaceful. Kenyans are happy for the work of the doctors they have been received before the strike got them out if the work place.

Rigathi Gachagua has been also reminded silent for the last period of the past few months. Gachagua is currently trying to build his relationship for the period of the few weeks . Gachagua is likely to be strong political and is hoping to gain more favour for the upcoming few months and year’s. Gachagua is planning to get more seats from the mount Kenya region and is expected to have more powerful for the upcoming few years. Gachagua has served as one term MP in Mathira.

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