Eyewitness recounts how the KDF chopper crashed before his eyes

According the Boen, the resident were going about their duties when the saw the helicopter crashing.Some of the residents thought the chopper was landing, while others observed that one of the propellers was not rotating.Upon impact with the ground, the helicopter burst into flames and the residents rushed to rescue the occupants.

“We removed everyone from the wreckage and then other army helicopters came. There was a photographer who asked for help and we rescued him. There was also another soldier who asked for help,” he said, adding that the fire burnt his clothes.Story of survivor of the tragic KDF chopper crash, Frankford Karanja MogireIn the wake of the tragic helicopter crash on April 18 that claimed the lives of 10 Kenya Defence Forces officers, including the esteemed Chief of Defence Gen Francis Ogolla, there emerged a story of survival against all odds.

Frankford Karanja Mogire stands as one of the two miraculous survivors of the devastating accident, a beacon of hope amidst sorrow.Frankford, whose life and career have been anything but ordinary, is a seasoned journalist and a photographer for the Ministry.

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