How Police Officer Managed To Restore Peace Back In Nairobi

The body of a middle-aged man was recovered in a thicket in Njomoko, off the Thika super highway with two bullet wounds. The deceased was in the company of others on a motorbike and were allegedly escaping after snatching a handbag and a phone from a lady . Very soon afternoon as young man was found dead inside thicket in Thika road after he was accused of having being shot dead by police in the region.

The young was traveling togth6 with other men along Thika road and later was shot dead by the police. The man was shot dead on the back and fell on the ground and later pushed to the forest6 where he was found dead on the spot and was taken to the Nairobi mortuary waiting is being kept waiting for the family to reveal the main cause of his death. The young man was participated in the theft and was taken to the mortuary and heaven because of taking people property.

The young was warned by his friend and parents and he couldn’t believe and listened to what they were saying . The man loved to be very taoygh6to his oarenos6 bwfi5his life was ended by pilic5 officrs8 alonng Thika road today afternoon.

The young man was accussed if having many incidents of having to waiting to have the incident being waited to be revealed. The matter has caused alot reactions online afteg6 the matter was Revealed to the public. The matter has caused a lot reactions among the young. Many young men they are being buried each and the day after the incident caused heated reaction online. the matter is being raised online.

The matter is is being locked at. The young man has snachhed a handbag from youn8 lady in the CBD and tried to to run with a motorcycle and later police officers with help of Residents tried to follo6the motorbike and the young man behind was shot dead and other managed to escape Within Thika road. The incident raised the matter to look out the matter . Police offi6they have been on the rader to see what is being happening Within Nairobi city and more incidents are being looked at.

The matter is being looked at the very fine. Yet the body has not being be idefied by the fami5 members and the body will be taken to the mortuary waiting for Postmodern to reveal the main cause of his death.

Mostly the likely wood of the death would only gunshots on the back.Many Incidents has caused mixed reactions. Many incident of theft has been taking placing in Nairobi region and it’s aresas. Police has been on the rader and they are hoping to reduce the rate at which the events are being leaked to the residents.

Kenyans are very okay and they are hoping to get more matter being sorted out and Kenyans they have hopes on the police officers on what has been happening in region. The matter is being sorted out and everything is in good condition and the matter is being looked at in wide directions. The rate at which incidents are happening in the region has lead to rapidy decrease in the matter of the condition and other factors.

The matter is being looked at to find what has been causing increase incrime within the city. The matter is being looked at and everything is will be okay soon. The matter after being looked in different angles will show why the crime has increased in the city. Crime is very bad and can lead to death of many kenyans if not controlled well in the society.

The matter after being looked at will solve the matter How Canter Lost Control And Hit Truck Along MombasaPhoto of nicho nicho Send an email2 weeks ago0 33 3 minutes readWhen we say the crash was looking bad ,this is what we mean,we have lost the co driver while the driver is at the hospital.

The incident happened today morning in gateway mall before reaching Mlolongo town. The incident has caused a lot traffic jam a long Mombasa road today morning and many Kenyans struggled to move out the jam up to the evening. The the incident was very fatal and the co driver passed away on the the spot. The canter was completely destroyed on the from parts one side .

The incident has raised more questions than answers. The matter has caused more raasction. The canter was accussed of being driven at high speed before hitting behind a truck which was being parked Along Mombasa road without showing signs 9f danngers ahead.

The man was taken to the hospital and other was taken to the mortuary waiting for Postmodern to reveal the main cause of the death of young man who was very promising and wanted to bring3 changed to the life before he reaches 40 years.

The man died while she was less than 35 years and he will be buried next week.The main cause of the death was caused by injuries which was inflicted to the body on the head and the legs and a lot blood managed to come out in larger accerating his death. Rest in peace young man.

The other man has been taken to the where is taking medication at high care unit before is set to be discharged and allowed to go home and continue recovering from the incident.

The young man is being held in hospital currently and other the body lying in the mortuary wiatinng for the burial of the young man.The driver of the truck had been arrested and is being taken to the hospital and being charged for the Murder and careless driving in our roads.

This kind of drivers they have caused a lot damage to our road and many incidents of accident has been taking placing. The accident which occured left people wondering what has been the main cause of the death.

Many Kenyans drivers they have tendedecu if driving careless and they have nothing to show to it’s citizens and they have only causing damage each and every day.The incident has caused a lot pressure to the citizns and they hope everything is going to be well and rounded up in the matter. The matter is being looked at to find more details what lead to the accident happing leading to the lose of the you young man.

During the whole morning the jam lead to many goods being damaged on the way and many Kenyans left the incident while wide open. Many Incidents of accident has been happening and leaving Kenyans while dead an other with serious injuries.The matter has been locked up and everything is being sorted out. The current CS for transport has managed to keep quiet about the matter and everything is is looked at at diffrent anges. The young man has not been yet indefied and the family members are set to come and sort out the matter normal.Very rare incident has been happening and leaving Kenyans dead and other had been losing their life in the the future.

The Normal time and news has been brokenness the up by theMany incident has been happening a lot Mombasa road each day and more reports has been given out about the matter and everything is being looked up to. Police Officers has been increased in Mombasa road to reduce the rate at which the people are wasting resources and causing nonses5 accident along busy raod.

The matter is being looked at in different ways Edit of Product You to our mailing list to get the new updates! ipsum dolor sit , consectetur.Enter your Email your Email Police Officer Managed To Restore Peace Back In Now , Based Bus Involved In Accident Few Injuries Ogolla Involved In Plane Crush , Confirmed hours Kitengela Land Rate Is Growing At Very High hours NTSA Are Seriously Making Patrols In week Narrates How His Son Took Medication For More Than Ten weeks ago Leave a in as

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