Happening Now , Eldoret Based Bus Involved In Accident Few Injuries Reported

Has how many words,UPDATE: Two people dead, 10 others seriously injured as an Eldoret Express bus rams into a fuel tanker on the Nairobi-Nakuru Highway at Muguga area in Kikuyu.The 62-seater bus, which was heading to Nairobi from Nakuru, lost control and hit the truck from behind.

Very sad morning as two people they are likely to go home on castet when they are returning back home , this because very fatal accident has happened today morning a long Gikuyu2 area. Other more than 10 has passed away and they are going to be taken to the hospital waiting for Postmodern to reveal the main cause if the death. The bus managed to hit the truck at the back and moving at the High speed and it was raining cat and dog . The incident has lead to many people stop moving on the vehicle and this will will lead to many pwol5 moving slowly.

The accident has caused jam a long along Nairobi Nakuru high and many people are wondering what is likely to be the main cause of the death. The incident has lead to death and very many people are trying to move out of the accident. More updates are yet to be given out by the public.

The incident Left people wondering what has been the main cause of the death. Many accidents has been happening each and every day in Kenyan. The incident started in the January where many incidents of accident has been reported and has been increasingly each and everyone of day. The matter is being looked at and evryvMany Incidents of accident has been happening each morning and trying to solve out the matter in which every things has been put in place to settle out the matter. Kenyans are unhappy about the matter.

The matter is being looked up and everything is likely to be sorted out peaceful. The body of the deceased has been taken to the mortuary wiating fo Postmodern to reveal the main cause of the death of the incident which has been happening. The matter is being looked up and everything is being peaceful.

The matter is looking for a good and everything is going good. TheThe bus was moving from Nakuru to Nairobi today morning before the crash happened. The Accident was very Nast such that the front parts of the bus was comol6 damaged as the back part of the truck was damage partly.

The incident has caused mixed reaction Among Kenyans. It was raining in the morning and that could prevent people from helping those affected by the accident.Very rare incident has been happening and leaving Kenyans dead and other had been losing their life in the the future. The Normal time and news has been brokenness the up by the.

Currently more than ten owol5are nursin5 inuries and other have painted after they were involved in the Accident in the morning and the life has caused many incidents and leading people are passing away. Police are currently collecting first hands information to pass it to the public to reveal the main cause the death of the victim and the accident which happened.

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