Woman Who Paid 80 Bob Matatu Fare for Passenger Amazed as She Gets KSh 2k Reward

simple act of kindness aboard a matatu (minibus taxi) has captured the hearts of many, showcasing the power of generosity and gratitude in unexpected ways.

Woman Who Paid 80 Bob Matatu Fare for Passenger Amazed as She Gets KSh 2k Reward A woman found herself in a familiar predicament when her phone battery died just as she was about to pay for her matatu fare using MPESA.

Without missing a beat, Sarah Ouma stepped forward and offered to cover her fare, a modest sum of 80 Kenyan shillings. Sarah took to social media to share her experience.

Her post, which detailed the spontaneous act of generosity, quickly gained attention. “This babe was about to pay for her bus fare using MPESA and her phone went off, so since it was only 80 bob I paid it for her.,” Sarah wrote. “She just sent me 2k guys.

Do I accept it ama I refund? Coz it was really no big deal,” Sarah added. Now faced with an unexpected windfall, Sarah finds herself at a crossroads, contemplating whether to accept the generous reward or return it to its sender.

Her moral dilemma has sparked debate online, with many weighing in on the ethics of accepting such a substantial sum for a simple act of kindness.

The online community was equally amazed by the story, showering Sarah with praise for her selflessness and the anonymous benefactor for their generosity. Messages of encouragement flooded in, highlighting the importance of kindness and compassion in today’s world.

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