How Rita Waeni Went Missing And Later Found In Roysambu Apartment

How Rita Waeni Went Missing In Nairobi County Later To Be Found Dead. Rita Waeni was engaged to Nigerian man who later murdered Rita Waeni and chopped off his head and taken the body while cut into small pieces in Roysambu Airbnb. The man they had chat for more than ten days via Instagram and later they meet.

Rita Waeni they around 8.00 pm on that fateful day and Rita Waeni list his life and left the Nigerian man walking freely and without being arrested. In the next week after the Murder the man tried to escape to Nigerian but was later arrested at jomo Kenyatta international airport.

Currently the man in custody waiting to being charged for the Murder case. After his death more than three students in JKUAT University were arrested and taken to the court for the Murder chargers.

On that fateful day Rita waeni died his close freinds speed the night in Roysambu. The matter government is trying to watch out and is likely to give out more details in the future concerning death of Rita Waeni.

Rita Waeni was student and was third year student almost joining fourth year before his life was terminated in gruesome Murder case. The matter the family is like they gave up after Rita Waeni died on the spot. The family Narrated how they speed 24 hours of speechless nights. The man wanted to be given more than 500,000 Kenyans shillings.

The family wanted to sent the cash and unfortunately they had nothing to send. Rita Waeni left his relative house in Syokimau while ending to Roysambu to meet his new lover who they had meet on IG . The family pleaded for the man to avoid killings their kin but their words fell in deaf years. Rita Waeni burial was carried out under very tight security and everything went on as the government planned.

Rita Waeni went missing and deid after exactly eight days after his grandfather burial. His grandfather had passed away and everything is set and was buried in his home in Makueni County. Many Kenyans girls they have been dating Nigerian because of the money. The incident left people wondering and Kenyans were shocked by the matter.

The event lead to many girls avoid and dump Nigerians men for good. Many Kenyans girls they have been crying for justice for Rita Waeni Murder case and everything has been set and Kenyans are happy for the matter being solved and some poeple are likely to be jailed for life.

The incident has left Kenyans wondering and they are hoping everything is going to be goods for the matter. The matter is being held.

Rita Waeni had beautiful day before proceeding to the Roysambu apartment to meet his fellow friend who they had meet via Instagram platform and they enjoyed the moment before the little disagreement which happened and Rita was pronounced dead on the spot. The incident has so boring and the family members are likely to give up after searching the justice of the young lady who was cought up and got attention of the Kenyans they have those diffuilt moments.

The family narrated what happened to the young lady and they revealed huge amount of money they were asked to sent to save the life of the young girl. The young girl was involved in very chick activity before his death.Search for Home/SocietySocietyHow Brian Chira Lost His Life While Traveling Back HomePhoto of nicho nicho Send an email4 weeks ago0 20 2 minutes readHow Brian Chira Died After Being Hit By Moving Canter. The incident left many people wondering on Sunday morning when people they wake up on death of Brian Chira.Brian Chira has been passing a lot in his life and he was expelled from Kabarak University and later went in to depression.

This incident came after little disagreement with azziad and later was arrested and charged with defemation. Brian Chira felted betrayed and later Started drinking serious and depression came and depression lead to his death .Azziad stopped his case against Brian Chira. Brian Chira has been suffering silently and informed many people after incident become more serious and he couldn’t control any more.

The incident left people wondering and they can’t believe how Brian Chira passed away.His grandmother painted and later was taken to the hospital and fully recovered and attend Brian Chira burial ceremony and he couldn’t believe how Chira went to Heaven. Many incidents has left many people wondering and they are trying to search and get more information on death of Brian Chira.

Many people attended Brian Chira Burial in Kiambu county. Many TikToker attended the burial ceremony and they paided tribute to the late Brian Chira. Brian Chira was loved my many TikToker and they collected more than 10 millions shillings to the grandmother.The grandmother has been pushing and trying to control Brian Chira grandmother has really worked hard to support Brian Chira before his death. Chira was loved my many peoole and loved to watch his videos while on the stage. Brian Chira scored A- in his KCSE before his death and later joined Kabarak University.

Brian Chira was buried on gown according to his grandmother instructions.The burial ceremony is being carried out today and many people visited Brian Chira ceremony sending off. Champ is currently being laid more than six feet under ground. Rest in peace Chira. Many Kenyans loved you more than. Kenya are suffering and they wish that they can control and help him before death.Brian Chira loved watching videos on timorning love to watch nude videos on tiktok and going live I’m in Kenyan slides watching this video and laughing so much during this burial ceremony. Chira died in the morning I love the he was being moving from hotel to his home.

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