Nissan Driver Narrates How Meru Road Need To Be Repaired

Several injured after matatu full of passengers overturns along the Meru – Nairobi Highway. Very sad morning as matatu full if passangers overturn along Meru Nairobi high way. This happening today in the morning when the accident happened and left people inujuried.

The victims they have been taken to the hospital where they are taking medication about the matter has been reported to the police station for more investigations tobe dos. eto reveal the main cause of the accident. The accident happened today morning before the bus Nissan reached Nairobi. ztbe Nissan had managed to leave Meru Today early morning to reach Nairobi early before the unthinkable happened and lead to injuries which people managed to get from the accident. Many accidents has been happening each and every day in the morning and evening in bus raod our country.

The incident has lead to mixed reactions among Kenyans and other citizen. The Nissan’s has been taken to the police station where the Oweer is expected to be arrested and charged for careless driving of the Nissan.

The Nissan was full to capacity and was being drive. at high speed and the driver couldn’t control the Nissan instead the Nissan overturned a long the road an the cacustices were recorded. The matter has been take serious by the Government and the ministry of CS for transport is planning on the way drivers will be arrested and charged for driving careless a long our raods.

The accident are expected to reduce at the high rate when the government will introduce Measures to control the accident which has been happening in the region. Kenya is country where we have witnessed many accidents in the past and many people they have lost their life’s due to Careless driving of the buses in our roads.

Yesterday evening we had very serious accident involving more than six truck and more than six people lost their life in the incident. More victims were rushed to the hospital with minor inuries and they are hoping to get better when the time goes by. The accident try have been taken places now and then. The government is finding ways to arrest rogues drivers who have been in the road to take away life of young people and the elders in the society.

Government has not yet spoke about today accident which happened today morning. More updates are expected to be given out th6 government and revealed what Happened leading to the serious accident. The matter is being looked up at the currently.

The DCi tbeyare on the ground watching what is happening in the region and more the region has been taken as crime scene where the accident took place morning. The driver has tried to escape from the accident and is expected to be arrested by police officer and DCI officers after escaping the scenes.

The accident has caused a lot jam in Meru Nairobi High where accident happened today morning. In kenya accident ha sbeen happening now and the. The accident ha lead to great impact s of the road and many users are worriedly about the matter. Very sad news coming up as pastor shot dead while was stealing from a shop in Kitui town today morning.

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